Turning the gun around: using social media to create awareness, not perpetuate bias

While it seems as if technology has made it easier and easier for the news media to cover politics with a gendered bias, groups across the nation have taken social media into their own hands as a form of political empowerment and discourse. And rightly so, for social media is proving to be far more pervasive, timely and instantaneous than any other media, especially when it comes to its role the political landscape:

Taking this even further, Johanna Blakley argues that social media will be the end of gender. Could this be a way to end gendered bias in news coverage? Maybe. Below is Blakley’s Ted Talk about how social media has enabled to us to redefine our identities without relying on media companies to group us by demographics, and how women are dominating social media — which will revolutionize old media in the process. Tell me what you think of her theory below, and stay tuned next week when we dive into social network feminist movements that have made strides in ending unproductive portrayals of women and other minority groups.


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