Good news: more women writing about women

It’s not all bad — a theme that seems to be reoccurring within this blog. The OpEd Project, who’s “mission is to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world,” has conducted research on the number of women writing opinions and narrating our media. Their findings are encouraging, despite a still disproportionate number.

It’s also important, however, to see what female journalists have to say on this issue — for your can’t write about women’s voices in the media without actually taking into account those voices and and seeing how they view the issue. Below, a collection of quotes on the topic (click on their names to view the original source).

  • “I won’t argue here whether women are more sensitive in their coverage. But I will tell you this: Women listen to other women much more closely, and they pay much greater attention to how political and military developments affect individuals, particularly other women.” —Frida Ghitis 
  • Like many fields, journalism suffers from a combination of long-term structural issues and a lack of female applicants. … Shani O. Hilton, the deputy editor in chief of BuzzFeed, had a good piece in Medium last week about how difficult it is to build a diverse newsroom. She calls on editors and hiring managers to look outside their immediate networks and for women and journalists of color to actively network with the (mostly) white dudes who are doing the hiring. —Jessica Grose
  • American media is nowhere near achieving gender parity when it comes to who gets hired. … Despite the increasing prominence of women’s sports and female sports fans, sports editors are 90-percent mate, and 90-percent white. More than 150 sports newspapers and websites received an F grade for their hiring practices among women, failing to hire enough women as editors, columnists, copy editors, and designers.”Edirin Oputu









2 thoughts on “Good news: more women writing about women

  1. This is a well written and extremely informative blog that applies gender equality in politics to a wide variety of occupations. I like that you gathered quotes relating to diversity within a traditional newsroom, sports journalism, and the communication that occurs between women. Putting the spotlight on a large spectrum like this gives the post credibility and makes it relatable to the viewer. I found at times in this post you were a bit repetitive, but overall this is an amazing, empowering, and educational blog!

  2. Dana, love the layout of this blog. It is feminine and professional, perfect for your audience. The graph in this post works well with the theme and is a great entry point for readers. This post is well written and scanable, especially with the interesting quotes you provided with bullet points. You have made an unpopular topic very professional, engaging and intriguing. Maybe do a female politician quote of the week or something to that effect, inspiring other women. Overall, very nicely done.

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