“Sexism Sells — But We’re Not Buying It”

Today, I look to take six minutes of your time to illustrate the expansive nature of sexist political coverage. While it’s an issue that seems, on the surface, to plague only certain news channels, newscasters, or ideologies — the truth is you can find it anywhere on your TV. While the video below (Courtesy of The Women’s Media Center) was uploaded just shy of six years ago, it still rings true today. According to Rutgers, a mere 18.5% of the current 113th US Congress is comprised of women, making the US “… 68th in the world for representation of women in our congress.” Clearly a segment of the news media takes advantage of this ‘non-threatening’ number, some so far as to acknowledge their sexism — “I know that’s a sexist comment, but there’s truth to it.” Watch the video below, then tell me what your take on the news media’s relationship with female politicians.


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