A Thousand Words

This may be a new concept , but a picture is worth a thousand words (I know, I know — I’m a genius). That is why today I’ve decided to focus on magazine covers and their relationships with female politicians — which have been less than productive in whole. Magazine covers, in a world where people are overstimulated by messages from every medium all at once (and all the time), are much like articles — very few people (only 20%) read past the headline. So when a publication represents a politician (especially a female one) in a very particular light through the picture on their cover, they know that for the majority of its readers that picture is sending the main message being received. While the magazine covers I have chosen for this blog depict two different stereotypes (the man crusher and the “sex kitten”), these aren’t the only ones posing a problem to women’s productive involvement in society:

“A recent UNESCO report describes the litany of common images of women in the media: ‘the glamorous sex kitten, the sainted mother, the devious witch, the hardfaced corporate and political climber.’  The report, released in 2009, states that, at the current rate of progress on stereotyping women, it will take another 75 years to achieve gender equality in the media.” —World Savvy

Take a peek at some of these harmful magazine covers below– and read what their critics have to say about them. You might be surprised to find how recently these covers have been published, as well as how familiar you might be with them already.


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