A Woman in the Oval Office

It is mind blowing to think that out of the 190 (or so) countries there are in the world today, around 50 of them have had, at one time, a female leader (Greg Laden’s Blog). Within this list is included countries such as Haiti, Liberia, and Pakistan — all countries with low enough human development rankings and gross national income to be categorized as third world nations (click here for a complete list).

Even though these countries aren’t the only ones on the list, it is important to ask why so many first and third world countries have seen a woman in leadership while America, the world’s “super power” has not. For many, it has to do with how the US approaches the issue. Time writer Marianne Schnall offers up several ideas surrounded our lack of a female American president, including the idea that “… getting a woman into the White House needs to be reframed as an essential component of a reflective democracy.”

Whatever the reason may be, isn’t at least time to see a female presidential candidate? In the upcoming 2016 election, so many hopeful hearts will look toward seeing a woman’s name appear on the ticket (not as an arm candy VP, either). So today, I challenge you to think about getting a women into office the way Schnall has framed it — as a humanity issue, not a gendered one.



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