Hillary Clinton Experiences Bill O’Reilly “Coverage”

As I sit down to get started on this blog post, I begin to worry that when I scan the news for various political stories to cover there will be nothing for me to discuss. Ha! Then reality hits and it takes me all of three minutes to find this wonderful Bill O’Reilly clip (posted today) from his show, The O’Reilly Factor. This clip, if not watched in its entirety can be deceiving. For the first three minutes O’Reilly and his guest, James Carville, discuss Hillary Clinton’s chance at the presidency through real topics such as her leadership style, fiscal policies, and how she will handle Obamacare. Of course, though, just when you think Fox might be turning over a new leaf O’Reilly (seen below at 3:25) states, “If Hillary Clinton runs for president, I think she’s going to outright say, ‘I think I’m going to put my husband in charge of the economy.'” Hmmm, how unusual for a woman’s spouse to irrelevantly brought up. And yes, O’Reilly if Hillary Clinton gets elected to office Bill Clinton will go to the movies and go bowling every day — because no first lady has ever been politically active in their own realm. While I give props to Carville for trying to defend Hillary (citing the fact that she’s a strong person who), the issue remains that women candidates experience a host of challenges when facing the media (for a full range of information on these obstacles visit Name It. Change It.). While most wouldn’t expect any less of Bill O’Reilly this video is just another instance to add to the ever growing collection of gender bias in media. Watch O’Reilly’s video below, then tell me what you make of it all.


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